About Gary Wagner Photography



Gary Wagner’s love of the photographic image began when he became the photographer for his high school newspaper in Kokomo, Indiana.  He continued his education at Indiana University in Bloomington, eventually moving to Santa Barbara, California, to attend Brooks Institute of Photography.  While at Brooks, Gary increased his artistic and theoretical knowledge of photography and the historical significance of the printed image.  Earning a Master’s Degree in Photography from Brooks Institute, with the publication of his work on historical carbon printing,  gave Gary a continued appreciation and passion for his art. 

Gary’s professional career spans more than three decades and includes, artist, portrait, and commercial photographer. His knowledge, expertise, and enthusiasm for the photographic image enabled him to successfully teach theory and technique at the college level and seminars in Europe on the English country landscape. 

Fluent with all film formats, from 35mm to 8x10, Gary has embraced the digital image and the ever changing environment of photography in the current technological age.  Exploring art and photography using digital imagery offers a myriad of possibilities.   Refining technique with the interplay of artistic expression fascinates and challenges Gary to continue his exploration of the photographic image and his study of the land and its natural elements.

For the past 25 years Gary has made his home in Northern California.